Welcome to Shu Jin Therapy Zone official website. Shu Jin Therapy Zone had been established and handle by Hasidi Hassan .  The idea to open  this treatment centre is to expand our business and become more success than others. We had working in several blind massage therapy centre before to build up our knowledge and experienced in this field. Hence, we feel very confidence to manage Shu Jin Therapy Zone with our own hand and try to give our customer the best possible treatment available.

Realizing the fact that each illness have different treatment technique, we had convey in several techniques such as Thai Massage and Malay Traditional Deep Tissue Massage. Application of these methods will be make in certain rhythm to revitalize and harmonize to ensure the body in balance condition. Reconditioning is capable in making the patient sleep better with less stress, radiant face and always cheerful.

Apparently, there are many benefits which can be obtain from therapy massage such as improvement in blood circulation, increase the level of body resistant and help reducing headache, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and nerve problems. Besides that, this kind of treatment also can increase body metabolism rate and reduce muscle pain.

Your comfort is our priority, thus make sure you make early reservation to avoid long queue Reservation can be made through online at our website or contact us during our business hour. We hold on to a very simple principle which is :-

“Every illness have its cure except for old and death”