Hasidi Hassan was born on 3rd of April 1968 in Perlis. He is very talented in football and once become the Perlis football player from 1985 to 1987. After that he move to Shah Alam and work at DRB Hicom from 1988 until 1995 but something unpredicted happened to him. On 1995, he suffer from a tragic road accident that had changed his life totally because it cause him to be blind.

It was a dark moment for him and he was difficult to accept his condition. But after sometime, he decided to rise again in his life by becoming a professional masseur. He undergo  “Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)” training from 1999 until 2004. He was trained by experts from Guangzhou, China who was brought to Malaysia by Gurney Training Center For The Blind,Kuala Lumpur.

On 2004, He open up his own store known as Maju Therapy Zone at Maju Junction Mall. He keep on try to master this field by attending to the Beijing Massage Hospital in China to learn from the experts there which most of them are blind too.  Since 2007 until now, he still go to Beijing once a year to enrich his knowledge in massaging. He was able to master several techniques for men and women in the aspect of physiology, nerve system, sports injury and injury cause by accidents. Muscle and stomach complications are also become his special focus now. His regular customers are not only come locally but from several neighboring country such as Singapore, Brunei and Australia.

Good feedback from customers had encourage him to establish a new store in Pertama Complex known as Pertama Therapy Zone. After a few years later in 2010 he decided to take over Gemilang Reflexology & Therapy Resources and change its name to Shu Jin Therapy Zone.  He hope that one day he is going to be able to train as many blind masseurs as he can and open up a professional therapy academy.

Nurul Huda bt. Idris